Weighted Vest Workout Progression

Your body weight training at some point will take you through progressions that involve artificially increasing your body weight during your training.

Using adjustable weight vest is an option. The added weight, which you can control, creates additional resistance that translates to more caloric burn, faster weight loss, more stamina and building mass.

Traditional cardio body weight exercises like walking, jogging, jumping ropes as well as tried, and true muscle is building exercises like squats, pushups and pull-ups become a totally different animal when you put on weighted vests.

High-intensity interval training movements become killer workouts that leave you flat on your back when you perform theme with weighted vests.

Weighted Vests have adjustable shoulder and waist straps, and they come in different sizes to fit most people.

Well designed vests distribute the weight evenly to that your center of mass shifts up but not necessary to the front, back or to the sides.

Remember that these vests are a progression tool which means you have paid your dues with body weight exercises, and you know what they are about before you move to weighted vests.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can just put on the weights from the start to speed things up. That kind of mentality will only mess up your joints and slow you down.

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